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Easily update your Škoda systems

GPS data

GPS data undergo constant changes (e.g. new roads, renaming of roads and renumbering of houses), so after a certain time they are not up-to-date and navigating to your designation can be inaccurate or incorrect. We therefore recommend regular updates to navigation data.

Map Creator

Is your navigation showing you incorrect data?

Now you can help us to improve the quality of our maps by reporting bugs, mistakes and missing streets through Map Creator. The data will be corrected after analysing and validating your submission.

Other software

Your SKODA infotainment system includes other software as well. Regular updates will make sure it stays at top functionality, which will make your travels both safer and convenient.

Updating Bluetooth ensures that your mobile device matches up to the ŠKODA infotainment system without any problems. (Note: If your device works flawlessly, there is no reason to update it. In case of problems, please update to newer version.)
Update your Radio station logos regularly and you will always have the latest logos for your favorite regional and national radio stations as well as new broadcasting stations.
Regularly updating the MirrorLink® function guarantees compatibility with the latest applications on your mobile device.

Map Updates SKODA - MOVE & FUN

The map downloads are not linked to the VIN of the vehicle, but only to the ownership of the ŠKODA Move&Fun.

It is easy


Map data for Columbus navigation may exceed the capacity of 32 GB SD cards, please use an SD card with a capacity of 64 GB.


Regularly updating your GPS maps and other software ensures that your infotainment system will always have optimum functionality and compatibility with the latest mobile devices.
The applications in your mobile device are being constantly developed, which is why regularly updating your infotainment system will help you avoid losing compatibility. Update Station Logos to make sure you have current radio logos for old and new stations.
Use tools designed by HERE company that is a supplier of navigation maps for ŠKODA navigation systems. The HERE Map Creator can be found under the following link (http://mapcreator.here.com).
Older systems ŠKODA were not designed for this concept of updates and therefore for these retained the original method.
Navigation maps are updated twice a year; other software updates (e.g. Bluetooth, MirrorLink™or Station Logos) are updated irregularly, if needed.
MirrorLink™ installed in the infotainment system allows compatible smartphones to display and control applications on-screen. This lends a new dimension, for instance, to the use of navigation software or to the enjoyment of personal music.
Radio Blues is not supported because there are no functions available for it that need updating.

Leave update to your service partner

In case of problems or needs updating, please contact the nearest service partner ŠKODA. (Note: Update on the service partner is charged according to his hourly rate.)

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